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Virtual Streaming Packages

We know right now you are trying to navigate this new, exciting, and challenging virtual world and we are here to navigate it with you! Check out our three most popular Virtual Streaming Packages to get an idea of how your event can easily convert into an online experience... 


Our Flagship is a "Direct Single Stream", which will provide you with all the tools needed to get your message out to the virtual world in a simplified, beautiful, and seamless manner.


We provide you with pre planning consultation and design, create a hi tech a beautiful streaming studio for you and bring in knowledgeable and professional minimal staff to seamlessly execute your stream. 

Video Camera


For virtual events with multiple presenters, locations, and content we can execute our Enhanced Package for "Stream to Stream", by utilizing multiple studios.


This will ensure all presenters perform from a high end, on brand and consistent mobile studio with the highest quality tech and production support. For this type of stream, efficient (and socially distanced) staffing exists at each mobile studio location to ensure all Simplified Streaming Studio quality control standards are met. A combination of pre recorded content and live streaming is recommended in this service and your Streaming Concierge will ensure your plan to maximize either medium prior to production scheduling. 

Talk Show

The Works

The Works is here so you may turn any full conference or production into a masterful, carefully crafted broadcast.


Simplified Streaming Solutions will work with you to take your entire presentation package, even if over multiple days and simplify it into a full Studio Quality broadcast. Incorporate multiple on brand Virtual Studios, insert pre recorded and edited content, immersive virtual entertainment and team building, product launch pre shoot photos and imagery, keynote  presentations, panel discussions, break out sessions, Q and A, and even special guest and VIP streams and much more. 

Image by Jakob Owens

Additional Components

  • 10'x16' LED Video Wall Studio Backdrop for Content Display and Branding

  • 75' Monitor on Decorative Truss Presentation Screens

  • Add Camera Operators to Enhance Stream with Multi-Angle Shots and Make Streamed Video More Engaging

  • Custom Fabrication Inside Studios

  • 3D Virtual Tours and Product Designs

  • Pre Recorded Content

  • Various Furniture and Backdrop Design Options

  • Podiums

  • Various Microphone and Audio Options

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Onsite Headshots for Marketing

  • Content Creation Support Services

  • Product Photo Shoots

  • Staging

  • Entertainment and DJ Transitions

  • Team Building Aspects

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