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We know right now you are trying to navigate this new exciting and challenging virtual world and we are here to navigate it with you! Simplified Streaming Solutions will help you seamlessly transition your events online with our trademarked S3 3 step process!

1. It starts with your Simplified Virtual Consultation. Here we use all the best virtual stream practices and our experience in the space to simplify your event goals into a Virtual Show Flow. We help you choose the best platform based on your event goals. Then we help design your virtual flow. Making it immersive and engaging by combining pre recorded and live stream elements. Then infusing the virtual event with interactive entertainment, fun team building and seamless transitions to create the ultimate online experience. 


2. Once we have identified your goals we match you with the perfect streaming package. We have packages that fit all budgets and event sizes. They are mobile and can come to your or you can choose to come to one of our strategic partner streaming hubs! During this stage we work with you to design your studio or studios to be on brand, cohesive, and beautiful . You work with a Streaming studio designer who will help you incorporate digital art, hi end decor, and even custom fabrication to ensure your streaming studio exceeds all your visual and spatial goals!


3. Now that we have a seamless virtual show flow and beautiful on brand streaming studio we move into solution execution. Our solution specialist technicians are knowledgeable and professional. Plus we have simplified the gear to be hi end yet efficiently operated by just 2 technicians per studio. Every studio has a skilled audio and video technician to ensure you sound great and stream seamlessly. While your director/ videographer will light you to perfection. Pose you into the shot and help you capture your presentation in ultra hi def immaculate 4k! 

All these steps combine for a one of a kind streaming experience in which you are able to focus on your presentation and leave the rest to us! 

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